Real-Time Sales / Advanced Labour Report

Real-time sales & labour functionality is now available for some select POS solutions.

Real-time sales means that Ameego syncs sales and labour data from your POS in real-time and displays the data in 15 minute intervals. 

The data collected during sync can be viewed on the Ameego Dashboard (app & web browser), and in Ameego's new Advanced Labour Report (found in the Intel Section). 

This new functionality is available to locations that use the POS systems listed below: 

  • Positouch
  • QST (Panasonic)
  • SICOM (Xenial)

NOTE: If you don't see your POS solution listed, please get in touch to request real-time sync.  More POS system types will be added in the near future.


The Ameego Dashboard with real time sales & labour

Here are some views of how the Ameego Dashboards (app & web browser), will display your real-time sales and labour. 

Web browser Dashboard: Jan_25_RTS_Dashboard_EN.png

The highlighted sections in the top banner of the dashboard include today's data which is updated every 15 minutes.

NOTE: You might need to refresh the web page if your Ameego platform has been open for an extended period of time.

Here is a breakdown of the data we see in the above dashboard banner:

    • Projected sales for today (Jan 25) are $6807
    • Actual sales for today in real time are $113
    • WTD actual sales including today are $6984
    • WTD actual labour percentage including today is 12.8% 

Ameego App Dashboard:


Here is a breakdown of the real-time sales & labour data displayed on the Ameego app dashboard:

    • WTD actual sales including today is $4512 ($513 above the $3999 projected)
    • WTD actual labour percentage including today is 25.64%  (1.77% below the 27.35 % projected)

Advanced Labour Report

The Advanced Labour report will identify various sales and labour data live or by a chosen date or date range. You have the option to display the data in 15, 30 and 60 minute intervals.

This report can be found in Ameego’s Intel section (reports) and on the Ameego Time Clock screen (manager security required).


How to access the Advanced Labour report in Ameego Manager

Follow the steps below to generate the printable Advanced Labour Report in Ameego Manager.

    1. Navigate to 'Intel', then click on the 'Reports' sub tab.
    2. Select ‘Advanced Labour' from the drop down list of reports.
    3. Using the drop down list, select the ‘Report Type’ (Live, Day, Week or Date Range). If you select a type other than 'Live' you will have additional date fields to enter as a result.
    4. Using the drop down list, select the period intervals of the report. You can choose 15, 30 or 60 minute time intervals. Each time interval will display a row of data on the report.
    5. Click the 'Generate Report' button.
    6. View the report results and print if desired.

How to access the Advanced Labour report in Ameego’s Time Clock module

The Advanced Labour report is also viewable on the tablet or pc that you have designated as your Ameego Time Clock. Please note that the report generated in the Time Clock module will only show live data for the current day. If you need to view the data from a previous date, please access the report in Ameego Manager as described above. Follow the steps below to generate the Advanced Labour report in Time Clock mode.

    1. Select the 'Manager Functions' drop down menu at the top of the Time Clock page.
    2. Select ‘Advanced Labour' from the drop down list.  Advanced_Labour_report_from_Time_Clock_1.png
    3. To authorize the display of the report, we will ask you to select a manager and enter the corresponding pin number. Select your name from the manager list and enter your pin number.
    4. Click 'Continue'. 
    5. Select the time intervals you would like to view the report in (15 minutes, 30 minutes or 1 hour).
    6. Review the report results.
    7. Click the ‘Back’ button to return to the Time Clock as soon as you are finished viewing the report. Otherwise, the screen will automatically return to the Time Clock after 1 minute.

If you have not yet subscribed to the Real-Time Sales & Labour functionality, please contact us at to see if your location is eligible for this feature. 

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