Understanding and Managing Department Groups

Departments can be split into department groups for easy viewing, separate scheduling and reporting purposes. It is important to not confuse department groups with departments (jobs). Think of department groups as scheduling groups for your departments. Department groups can be created and edited in Ameego, but departments must originate from the POS and be activated from the POS Match just as you do with new employees. It is also important to understand the reasons to create separate department groups before we show you how to manage them.

Each department group will be scheduled separately and will have its own summary totals on the scheduling tab.  Below is a view of our two department groups called ‘Restaurant’ and ‘Kitchen’ on the scheduling tab to help you understand the benefits of separate department groups.

Department groups in scheduling


In the image above, you can see our separate labour totals for each department group as well as separate areas to input 'Fixed Labour' and 'Wage Multiplier' if needed.

Fixed Labour: This is where you can enter your weekly fixed costs for the department group to accommodate salaries. This amount will be included in the actual and projected labour throughout Ameego.

Wage Multiplier: This is where you can multiply all hourly wages for this department group. This is very useful if you wish to include other costs associated with labour (like ei, cpp or other payroll costs). The default wage multiplier is 1, so if you need to add 8 percent to all wages, enter 1.08 in the wage multiplier. Click the '(edit)' link in the summary box for a department group to add a wage multiplier.

Department groups in Intel

The Labour Cost Analysis report in the Intel Reports section will also provide separate sections and calculations for each department group as well as ‘Store Totals’.


Now that you understand the benefits of separate department groups, let's talk about managing them. 

Navigation: ‘People’ tab, then ‘Employee Manager’

Goal: Customize your restaurant's department groups

Editing departments in your department groups: You will first see the department groups and departments that have been imported from your POS system. If you need to make changes to these groupings click the ‘Manage’ button at the top of the list of your list of departments & groups.

To move a department to a different department group, first click on the department to remove it from the existing group. Then click the ‘+ department’ button within the group that you want to add the department to and select the department from the list. Not seeing a ‘+ Department’ button? That means all of your departments have been assigned to a group. 

Add a new department group: You can add a new department group in Ameego directly. Remember that the departments (jobs) themselves must be created in your POS System and brought over to Ameego in the POS Match function. 

To add a new department group, click the 'Manage' button and then click the ‘Create New Group’ button on the upper right. You will see 'New Department group' near the bottom. Click the ‘Edit’ button to name the department group and then click 'Save Changes'. Arrange the departments within your new group using the method listed above. 

Here is a quick demonstration of what we covered so far!


Assigning an alternate sales metric to a department group : Use this setting to select a sales metric that you will use to calculate your labour for this department group. If set to 'None' Ameego will use the primary sales metric (net or gross) to calculate your labour for this group. 

To change the sales metric for a department group, click the 'Manage' button and then click the 'Edit' button within the department group. Set the sales metric and then click 'Save Changes'.



Delete a department group: click on ‘Manage Departments’. Click the edit button, then ‘Delete Group’. 

Change the order of your departments within a department group: The order that the departments appear within a department group on this page will determine the order they appear on other areas of your Ameego platform.

If the order is not how you would like to see it, simply move your cursor to the left of the department name to reveal the crossed arrows. Click and drag the arrows to move your department up or down within the department group.









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