Understanding and Managing Base Floor Plans

The Base Floor Plan section of Ameego where you will create your average shifts for each day of the week. You will add any applicable badges and breaks that are required for these shifts to save you time when creating your weekly schedules. We recommend that you create one base floor plan for each day of the week, but you can create as many as needed to accommodate the occasional staffing needs at your location.

When you create your weekly schedules in Ameego, you'll choose from these base floor plans and let Ameego's One Touch assign the shifts to your employees. Follow the steps below to create your base floor plans.

Navigation: ‘Scheduling’ tab, then ‘Base Floor Plans’

Goal: To save you time when creating your schedules


Step 1 - Create your first base floor plan

Start by creating your base floor plan for the first day of your scheduling week. We may have already imported a sample Monday base floor plan to get you started. You can edit this sample or deactivate it and start fresh. To start fresh, click the 'Create New' button. Add a name that represents the day you will use this base floor plan (like 'Monday'). Here is a list of the functions you will use when creating your first base floor plan. 

  • Add a shift: Click the ‘Add Shift’ button and select a department. This will add a shift to the department section you selected with a default time of 12 - 5 pm. Adjust these shift times as required and repeat this process until you have all the shifts needed for each department for this day.
  • Adjust the shift times: Click and drag the left and right sides of the shift to adjust the start and end times of the shift. 
  • Add a badge: Click the center area of the shift and select the badge required for the shift. After selecting the badge, click 'Save & Close'. 
  • Add a break to a shift: Click the center area of the shift and click the 'add break' link.  Enter the start time and the length of the break. Observe and set the 'Paid Break' check box accordingly. Click the 'Add Break' button' and then click 'Save & Close'. Here are a few additional notes about breaks.
      • Breaks added to the shifts will not be visible to the employee. They are primarily used for management visibility and costing the shift in your schedules. 
      • You can consider using the 'break rule' function (found in 'Settings') rather than adding breaks to shifts individually on the base floor plans. If you have breaks setup in both place, this will potentially double the costing of breaks and skew your projected labour. 
  • Remove a shift: If you need to remove a shift from your base floor plan, click the centre area of the shift and select 'remove shift' at the bottom of the edit box.

Step 2 - Add additional base floor plans (copy from previous)

Once your first base floor plan is completed, you can use the 'Create New' button and create your next day's floor plan by copying a completed one. After copying a previous BFP, you can make adjustments needed for the new day. Then repeat the process until you have a base floor plan for each day of the week. This will save you a ton of time creating your base floor plans!


Aside from creating your base Monday to Sunday floor plans, consider creating a base floor plan for any holidays, events, or admin duties that you may encounter. Here are a few tips that will be quite useful when you are importing them into your scheduling pages.

  • If you are closed on certain days of the week, create a base floor plan labeled 'Closed'. Do not add any shifts on this base floor plan. You will import this floorplan when you are creating your schedule where a closed day is applicable.
  • If your business is impacted by events in your area, consider creating base floor plans for these days. Examples might be week day game day, weekend game day, 8 pm concert day and so on. 
  • Stat holidays typically occur on Mondays. Create a 'Holiday Monday' base floor plan to meet your scheduling needs for these holidays. 

Base Floor Plan Management & Tips:

Here are some more tips to keep your base floor plans up to date and pertinent to the season you are currently in. Some locations create base floor plans for the seasons and name them accordingly. You can deactivate are reactivate floor plans to meet your needs for the current season or business trends. 

  • Edit the name or deactivate a base floor plan: Click on the setting wheel to the right of the floor plan name. You can rename it here and save changes, or click the 'Deactivate' button to remove it from the active list (you can always reactivate it later if needed). 
  • Reactivating a base floor plan: Click the 'Deactivated Floor Plans' link at the bottom of the list of floor plans. Locate the base floor plan needed and then click 'Reactivate'.
  • Reorder the base floor plan list: The order your base floor plans appear on this page is the same order you will see them when you import them to use in your schedules. If the order of the list is not how you would like to see it, simply move your cursor to the left of the BFP name to reveal the crossed arrows. Click and drag the arrows to move your base floorplan up or down.
  • Keep base floor plans up to date: If you find you are making the same changes to shifts weekly in 'Manage Floor Plan', then it is time to update your base floor plans. Consider reviewing your base floor plans on a monthly basis to reduce weekly shift editing.
  • Create a blank base floor plan for regularly closed days: If you are closed on certain days of the week, we recommend that you create a blank (no shifts added) base floor plan called 'Closed'. Weekly scheduling will require you to import a BFP for each day of the week, so this will save you tons on your weekly scheduling process.
  • One base floor plan for all department groups per day: Did you know that you do not need to create a separate base floor plan for each department group? When you import the base floor plans in your weekly schedules, Ameego knows which departments belong to which department group. For example, all department's shifts can be added to the Monday base floor plan - and Ameego will know what to do! It can be difficult and error can occur if you have too many base floor plans to choose from when importing.



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