How do I manage an employee's regular weekly availability?

Employee availability is managed via the 'Employee Manager' found via 'People' in the top navigation bar. A manager can input this availability or an employee can submit an availability request from Ameego Anyware. Follow the steps below to assign a new availability profile for an employee in Ameego Manager. 

1. Navigate to People tab, then ‘Employee Manager’

2. Click on a department to view the employees within the department

3. Click on an employee profile to expand it 

4. Click the 'New Availability' button within the employees profile

  • Observe and change the date of when the availability will be effective from. If you have previously set the availability for the employee, the date you set here will replace the last availability profile on the date set here.
  • Set the 'Max Days' of the week that the employee is available to work
  • Click the check box beside the day if the employee is available to work this day of the week
  • Set the times (beginning and end) that the employee is available to work for each day you checked as available. Setting a second availability period for any day is optional. This is a great way to set available for students who may be available before and after classes! If you don't need a second period, leave this area blank
  • Click the 'Submit Availability' button to save once completed. 



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