How do I add a shift on an existing schedule?

Sometimes your schedule has already been created and published, but you need to add a shift. You can add a new shift in the 'Manage Floor Plan' screen and then assign that shift to an employee in the 'Manage Schedule' screen. Ameego will notify the team member that you assigned the shift to since your schedule is already published. Follow the steps below to add a new shift to your existing published schedule. 

  1. Navigate to the Schedule tab and choose the week you want to add the shift to. 
  2. Click on 'Manage Floorplan' of the department group you want to add the shift to.
  3. Click on the day of the week you want to add the shift to.
  4. Click the 'Add Shift' button and choose the department you want to add the shift to. You will see the shift was added with a default start/end time of 12-5 pm. 
  5. Adjust the start/end times of the shift you added.
  6. If required, click the centre of the shift to open the edit box if you need to add a badge, a note or a break to this shift. Click 'Save & Close' if you made any of these additions to the shift.
  7. Click the 'Confirm Floor Plan' button to save.
  8. Click 'Continue to Scheduling'.
  9. Hover over the day of the week that you added the shift to and you will see the new unassigned shift you added in the 'Manage Floor Plan' screen.
  10. Click on the unassigned shift and assign it to an employee. 


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