How do I create a split shift?

Our recommendation for split shifts is to create a longer shift with an unpaid break midway through. The unpaid break time will not be visible to the employee and this will allow your MOD to determine the break time that best suits the business of the day. We are also recommending that you use a badge for this shift to help inform the employee of the shift type. Follow the steps below to create this type of shift.

*If the split shift is a regular occurrence, we recommend that you create it on your base floor plans. If it is a one time exception, create the shift in ‘Manage Floor Plan’ when creating the schedule for the week.  

  1. Create a badge in the department where the split shift is required. Our example will be ‘Server Split’. *If you are unsure of how to create a badge, click HERE to review our article on badges!
  2. Assign the badge to the server's profiles who you prefer to work split shifts.
  3. Create the shift on the base floor plan or manage floor plan. Our example is 11 am - 9 pm. 
  4. Click the centre of the shift and add the badge (Server Split) and then click the ‘add break’ link.
  5. Set the start time of the break, the length of the break in minutes and then un-check ‘Paid break’. See the screenshot below that shows our example. 
  6. Click the ‘Add Break’ button and then click ‘Save & Close’.


*Remember, the employee will not see the break, but they will see the badge called ‘Server Split’.


*The 120 minute unpaid break will calculate this shift as 8 hours only, even though it is 10 hours in length


Whichever method you used in step 3 to create the shift, you will find this shift in the ‘Manage Schedule’ stage of scheduling. You can let ‘One Touch’ assign the shift for you (this is why you assigned the ‘Split Shift’ badge to some employees) or you can assign the shift to an employee manually.


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