How do I activate new staff members from my point-of-sale (POS)?

Employees can be added to Ameego via your POS system. To view your list of employees, navigate to the 'Employee Manager' via 'People' in the top navigation bar.


POS Match is a function that looks for new employees that were added to your POS system and runs automatically every 24 hours.

If you have recently added a new employee or department you should notice a red flag in the POS Match heading. This flag will indicate the number of new records that are ready to be activated in Ameego. 

Click on the 'POS Match' heading to view your new employees or departments.


To activate an employee or department in Ameego, simply click the name to expand the details. We highly recommend adding an email address to the employee so that they can receive an automatic email from Ameego with their log in instructions.

Observe the other details (name & department) and then click "Activate". If you do not need the employee in Ameego, click 'Ignore' to send them to the list of 'deactivated employees'.

The activated employee will be moved to the department shown in the details.


If the department showed 'Unknown Department', you will find them in the 'unknown/deactivated' section of Employee Manager if you activate them. Follow the steps below to find the employee and assign a department.

  1. Click the 'unknown/deactivated' link at the bottom of your list of departments in Employee Manager
  2. You will see your employee in the first list labeled 'Unknown Department'.
  3. Using the dropdown menu, select a department for the employee and then click the 'Update Departments' button. 




Can't wait 24 hours for the new employees?

As we said earlier, the POS Match will run automatically 24 hours from the last time it ran. If you have added a new employee to the POS system and want to use them in Ameego right away, we have you covered!

Click on the POS Match heading and then click 'Trigger POS Match'. This will do the POS Match within the next 15 minutes! Click this button and check back in 15 minutes.



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