Understanding Permission Levels

Ameego uses permission levels to control the type of access users have to the platform. These permission levels are Manager, Supervisor and Regular Employee and can be edited by a user with a 'Manager' Permission level. Here is a list of the permission levels and their accessibility.   

Manager - Can access Ameego Anyware and Ameego Manager with no restrictions

Supervisor - Can access Ameego Anyware and Ameego Manager with some restrictions (see below)

  • Cannot view wages in any applicable areas of Ameego Manager
  • Cannot edit wages
  • Cannot access payroll exports
  • Cannot delete an HR note
  • Cannot change permission levels

Regular Employee- Can access Ameego Anyware only

When you activate a new employee in Ameego, they will default to the permission level of 'Regular Employee'. If you have a 'Manager' permission level, you can adjust their permission level using the steps below.

  1. Navigate to People, then Employee Manager. 
  2. Expand an employee's profile and click the 'Edit Profile' button.
  3. Using the 'Permission Level' drop down menu, set the permission level
  4. Click 'Save Changes'



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