How to set up a "Project" for employee time tracking

Remote work has opened up many possibilities, but it's not without challenges. For many employers, one of the issues of working remotely is ensuring that your employees are working productively and efficiently.

If your industry involves a lot of "project-based" work, you can use our employee time tracking feature to create "projects" where employees can submit hours worked. This enables you to keep track of project progress and can be used as a KPI tool to assess employee productivity. 

This article will walk you through creating a project in Humi.

How to set up a "Project" for employee time tracking


Scheduling > People > Projects > Click "+ Add Project" > Add the project details > Save

  1. In "Scheduling," click on the "People" tab, then select the "Projects" tab. Screen_Shot_2022-11-02_at_10.39.37_AM.png
  2. In the projects dashboard, click the "+ Add Project" button to create a new project.
  3. In the pop-up, add the project details, including the project name, status (Active, complete or deleted) and the project description.  Screen_Shot_2022-11-02_at_11.27.20_AM.png
  4. Finally, click "Save."

The new project has been added to Ameego by Humi, and your employees can start using it to track their time. If you're curious about how employees use the time-tracking feature, click here to learn more.  

Once your employees have submitted their timesheets, they’ll be available for managers to approve. Learn how to approve "employee time tracking" timesheets here.  

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