How to approve "Employee Time Tracking" time sheets

After you've set up projects (if applicable) for employee time tracking and taught your team how to use this handy feature, it's time for managers to approve their submitted time sheets. 

When employees have submitted their hours through the employee time tracking feature, managers are required to review and approve them in "Scheduling."

This article will explain how to approve, deny or edit a submitted time sheet. 

How to approve "Employee Time Tracking" time sheets


Scheduling > "Intel" tab > "Time & Attendance" tab > Enter the date range or use filters to find the time sheets you require > Review time sheets for accuracy > "Approved" column: click on the green "check" icon to approve, the "x" icon to deny, or the "pencil" icon to edit the hours submitted >Click "Save Changes"

  1. In "Scheduling," click on the "Intel" tab, then select the "Time & Attendance" tab. 
  2. On this page, you can add a date range for the timesheets you want to approve and filter by a specific employee or job role. Screen_Shot_2022-11-03_at_9.54.39_AM.png
  3. Review the employee's submitted timesheet hours. In the "Approved" column, click on the green "check" icon to approve the timesheet submission, the "x" icon to deny it, or the "pencil" icon to edit the hours submitted. GIF_Recording_2022-11-03_at_9.56.38_AM.gif
    To approve timesheets even faster, once you've reviewed the hours submitted, you can use the green "Approve all" button to approve them all in one click. 
  4. To finish, click the "Save Changes" button in the upper right corner. You will lose your work if you do not complete this step.

How to edit an approved shift

If you approved a shift but want to make changes to it, you can do so by clicking on the green check button. This will bring the time sheet back into a "pending" state where you can make edits. Once completed, click "Save changes."

You can now approve timesheets and begin using the employee time tracking tool. Use the links below to learn more about Scheduling.

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